The trade paper­back edi­tion of Cir­cuits of the Wind is pub­lished in three vol­umes. They are avail­able for pur­chase through online retail­ers as well as inde­pen­dent retail book­sellers, includ­ing Atom­ic Books, Pow­ell’s, Northshire Book­store and Shake­speare & Co. in Paris.

If your favorite book­store does­n’t have all three vol­umes of the nov­el in stock, it’s easy for them to order copies for you. All the book­seller needs to know are the three ISBN num­bers, which are also list­ed on 978–0‑9838558–0‑4, 978–0‑9838558–1‑1, and 978–0‑9838558–2‑8.

Cir­cuits of the Wind is dis­trib­uted through Ingram.