The Alt-Right Is Woke

We didn’t know what to expect. Between the eight us there were only two bul­let­proof vests. And we all had our girls to worry about. As Loren Feld­man the film­maker said, they were “uncon­trol­lable” and insisted that they remain in the thick of it. One of them’s preg­nant. So a hand­ful of us drove out to a mall in sub­ur­ban Cleve­land to pre­pare. We took a green Kia Soul that, for the week of the 2016 Repub­li­can National Con­ven­tion at least, was an alt-right Pepe mobile, fat-lipped grin on the front grille made from two strips of wide, rose-colored rub­ber. Not every­one knew their memes; you either got it and smiled or you just didn’t see.

First pub­lished in Got­News.

Twitter Breathes New Life Into Orwell

It began with­out notice or warn­ing: reports pil­ing in of peo­ple sud­denly banned for their beliefs, ques­tion­ing jour­nal­ists hav­ing their IDs unver­i­fied, minor­ity voices pushed off to the shad­ows. This led to a gen­eral Fear all around. In the back­ground, war drums were beat­ing. After sev­eral days of sud­den bold strikes, there’s really no ques­tion: Twit­ter — the com­pany — is wag­ing a total ide­o­log­i­cal war to nar­row the range of per­mis­si­ble thought …

First pub­lished in The Daily Caller.

America Is A 70s Disaster Film Starring Donald Trump

If you’re think­ing seri­ously about the future of Amer­ica, you know that right now all bets are off. Face it: Amer­ica is going down. It’s full of enemy com­bat­ants ready to strike. It’s a nuclear time bomb. It’s the tallest build­ings crum­bling to dust. It’s a corporate-controlled sur­veil­lance state. It’s ghet­tos, graf­fiti, and the aban­doned shell of indus­try. It’s end­less ugly chain stores, tran­sient strip-mall archi­tec­ture, cheaply built McMan­sions, and shoddy imported goods no one is proud of. It’s the glam­orous, Golden Age of Hol­ly­wood trans­formed into a raunchy, foul-mouthed, vio­lent beast. It’s the Titanic about to test her might upon an ice­berg. It’s a cat­a­stro­phe right out of a 70s dis­as­ter film — that’s the real­ity of Amer­ica right this second.

And when Don­ald Trump ended his speech last week in South Car­olina, I knew he had the lead role in this movie…

First pub­lished in The Daily Caller.