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Cir­cuits of the Wind: A Leg­end of the Net Age

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Sto­ries and fiction

The Mass Age Is the Medium” (Mod­ern Mat­ter #2)

The Birth of the Net Gen­er­a­tion” (Mod­ern Mat­ter #2)

My Lost Year” (The Bygone Bureau) [link]

The Long Slide,” “After the Novel,” and “When Octo­ber Comes” (Rum­ble)

Beneath a Dark and End­less Sky” (Trnsfr #3)

In a Car, Quickly, on Cape Cod” (audio, Fringe Mag­a­zine) [link]

Peo­ple of the Past” (H_NGM_N #9) [link]

On the Sur­face of Venus” (Steam­punk Tales #3)

Inside the Mind of God” (The Chrysalis Reader #16)

Com­ment on Your Photo” (Quick Fic­tion #14)

Know­ing Dawes” (The Duck & Her­ring Pocket Field Guide)

In the Early ‘70s, a Chicago Native Approves of the Sears Tower Con­struc­tion, in Antic­i­pa­tion of It Beat­ing the World Trade Cen­ter for Tallest Build­ing in the World” (McSweeney’s Inter­net Ten­dency) [link]


How Flickr Redesign Leaves Out the Pho­tog­ra­phers” (The Huff­in­g­ton Post) [link]

Comp­ton Macken­zie Is Buried” (Goodreads) [link]

The World In Our Hands” (Mod­ern Mat­ter #3)

The Under­cover Sound­track” (guest post, My Mem­o­ries of a Future Life) [link]

How I Came To Write A Tril­ogy With­out Even Try­ing” (Author! Author!) [link]

Aloha in Florida” (The Age. Syd­ney Morn­ing Her­ald) [link]

Met­ro­pol­i­tan Diary” (The New York Times)

On the end of ‘bookpeo­ple’” (Let­ter) [link]

I AM Jack Ker­ouac” (“Images of Ker­ouac,” Brush Art Gallery, Low­ell MA)


Incli­na­tion” (DEAD BEATS) [link]

The Wide-Open Inlet” (St. Anthony Mes­sen­ger)

The Tech­ni­cal Life” (Orbis #152)

My pro­cliv­i­ties” (Pale House)

some days” (Match­book post­card poetry series)

A Short Les­son In Immor­tal­ity” (The Dark Horse)


Drive-by Shoot­ings” (1997-) Instant snap­shot poet­ics taken from speed­ing car­win­dow; excerpted in Otoliths, Gam­bara (as “Shore­line Farms”) [link]

First view of Chicago” (Cover image, Emer­son Review vol. 38)

Photo con­trib­u­tor, Tiki Road Trip: A Guide to Tiki Cul­ture in North Amer­ica, The Florida Preser­va­tion­ist, Envi­roLink South­east, Gal­l­ey­cat


Author’s Mus­ings: Michael Stutz (Goodreads) [link]

Lit­tle Rock Books Exam­iner inter­view [link]

In Pur­suit of Atmos­phere” (Inde­pen­dent Pub­lisher) [link]

The Read­ing Life inter­view [link]

RGB” (Caus­tic Cover Critic) [link]

The Lit­er­ary Life: Michael Stutz, Net Gen­er­a­tion Seeker” (Lit­er­ary Kicks) [link]

Xin­gu­lar­ity, a film about Gen­er­a­tion X (in pro­duc­tion) [offi­cial trailer]